How to Install Google Play Store on Reliance Jio Lyf Flame 6 (LS-4005)?

Lyf Flame 6 (LS-4005) is an entry level 4G device from Lyf, a brand by Reliance Industries Ltd. This is perhaps the cheapest 4G phone. It comes loaded with Lyf Store which is built on top of, however, many popular apps are missing here. Even if you found the app you were looking for… Continue reading How to Install Google Play Store on Reliance Jio Lyf Flame 6 (LS-4005)?


Plotting Compound Graphs using Gnuplot

This post is part of a series on Gnuplot, see the previous post Introduction to Gnuplot (Part II)  There are situations when you want to plot compound graphs. Compound graphs are needed to plot data files with multiple columns. In this post we use an example data file with columns. An x value (column #1),… Continue reading Plotting Compound Graphs using Gnuplot

Introduction to Gnuplot (Part II)

This post is in continuation of the post Introduction to Gnuplot. Generally people want to plot data from a data file. This example uses a data file containing first 10 steps of Fibonacci series. So, on X-axis we have sequence numbers (n) and on Y-axis we have Fibonacci number that appear on that sequence number (e.g. Fibonacci number… Continue reading Introduction to Gnuplot (Part II)

Activating Facebook Login Approvals in India

Facebook introduced two-step authentication in May 2011, terming it as “Login Approvals”. But it is a mystery why this security feature is not offered in India even as India is poised to be it’s top market. Anyways, we can still activate the feature in India by using an IP address of some other country; We… Continue reading Activating Facebook Login Approvals in India

Broadband Connection Drops Frequently?

I am a proud subscriber of a state-owned and world’s 7th largest telecom company. I enjoyed great broadband service from the company contrary to the public opinion. But the pleasure ended at the beginning of this monsoon when my wireless router repeatedly dropped the connection; The link goes down for a minute before it comes… Continue reading Broadband Connection Drops Frequently?