Activating Facebook Login Approvals in India

Facebook introduced two-step authentication in May 2011, terming it as “Login Approvals”. But it is a mystery why this security feature is not offered in India even as India is poised to be it’s top market.

Anyways, we can still activate the feature in India by using an IP address of some other country; We can use a proxy computer of some other country. Once you have set the proxy, you will be able to find Login Approvals under Security Settings page of your Facebook profile.


If you are a dummy, follow these steps:

  1. Visit and choose one proxy IP and port number pair, note it down
  2. Change your browser’s settings to use the proxy; See How-Tos: Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer
  3. Click on Login Approvals > Get Started
  4. Your mobile phone will receive a verification code, enter the code and click “Submit Code”
  5. Done! Now, undo the proxy settings.

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