Windows Phone 8: Quick Tips


1. Using the Keyboard:

  • Tap SPACE key twice to insert a full-stop and a space (i.e. new sentence).
  • Setting cursor while typing, tap and hold on the text until you see a cursor, now move your finger to set the cursor exactly where you want to set it.
  • To type a single number, just press and hold &123 and move your finger to the number you want to type and than release it.

2. Capturing Screenshot: Press Lock button and Windows key together to take a screenshot. Screenshots are stored in Photos :).

3. Toggling Profiles: Press Volume button than tap toggle on the right corner of the bar that appears on top of the screen to toggle between vibrate and ring+vibrate profiles.

4. Using Camera: While your phone is locked, press and hold Camera Key to start the camera without unlocking your phone.

5. Sharing Location: To send your location via SMS, compose new SMS and click attachment icon and choose location.

6. Tile it: If you want an app feature (e.g. WhatsApp contact) on Start menu, just click and hold it, than click pin to start.

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