Ubuntu Core 16 Snaps Out

Canonical releases Ubuntu Core version 16. If you are not already familiar with Ubuntu Core, know that it is a tiny version of Ubuntu with total image size of only 350 MB.

ubuntu-coreIt is specifically designed for IoT devices. All applications and device drivers are packaged as snaps. This makes OS very secure as all snaps are read-only and digitally signed, the signature can be verified at any time. Ubuntu Core supports wide variety of platforms from 32-bit ARM Raspberry Pi (2 and 3) and the 64-bit ARM Qualcomm Dragonboard to Intel’s full range of IoT SoCs.

So what is new in Ubuntu Core 16?

  1. It supports Over-The-Air updates of snaps.
  2. Updates are transactional and atomic (everything or nothing).
  3. Device specific app store.
  4. Developers can easily upload their snaps on the store.

So, get your snap now, download it for your SoC!

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